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Charity (and a tax break) for the Win

There are benefits to planned giving that ripple beyond the bottom line and into our communities. But even if you’re not a philanthropist by nature, you may benefit from planned giving strategies. And if it’s on your heart to do more for your favorite charities, there are ways to do so without ever writing a check by unlocking the potential in your illiquid assets.

Engaging in planned giving is a multi-faceted effort that impacts your finances, family and community positively. Through our network of legal, financial and service providers, we help donors reduce their taxes while also giving more to those they care about.

We specialize in charitable giving as a component of our wealth management and legacy planning through inter-disciplinary Advanced Tax Planning, Actuarial

Design, and Insurance Architecture strategies.

Learn more with us:

  • Reduce taxes and increase your capacity to give
  • Defer and minimize capital gains taxes on highly appreciated investments
  • Meet your goals to leave a legacy to your heirs
  • Learn how to be philanthropic even while your assets are illiquid
    Increase the contributions you once thought possible to favored charities
  • Remove the appreciated property and death benefits from your gross estate through a Wealth Replacement Trust
  • Strategically implement insurance to expand your capacity to give
  • Create passive income to capitalize investments and to complete your charitable giving and legacy plans
  • Contribute to conservation of sensitive resource lands as part of your financial strategy
  • Reduce taxes from business succession as a means for giving more


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