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Legacy Planning for the Win

Charitable Planning Network works across disciplines to create complex solutions to help your charitably-minded clients maximize their own Planned Giving. Even if your Ultra High Net Worth clients aren’t philanthropists, their financial portfolio may still benefit with the execution of a charitable giving plan. By leveraging the full benefit of our Network of Trusted Advisors, well versed in the nuances of their individual disciplines, you can help your clients secure a legacy that benefits them, their heirs and their favored charities. 

Non-Cash Giving
Introduce your clients to ways to give without liquidating assets. There are strategies for that.

Protecting Legacy
Clients often want to give to charity but hesitate to impact their heirs’ inheritance. Learn how they can have it all.

It’s a Win-Win-Win
Charities, the wealthy and their heirs all benefit from complex, strategic legacy planning.

Complex Strategies to Benefit All

Our Advanced Planning Network will help you guide clients through the complexities of planning through a service driven and innovative process. Design a program to include charitable giving in a strategy that will also benefit your High Net Worth clients’ business and personal endeavors. Charities benefit, while also potentially allowing:

– Business succession while minimizing capital gains taxes
– Your client to save for retirement and provide for heirs
– Reduction in capital gains taxes on stocks
– Charitable giving without your client ever writing a check
-Charitable giving even when a client’s entire net worth is tied up in their business