Doug Marshall, Business Valuation

Doug Marshall

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P: 206-605-4695

Doug and his partner Peter Viliesis work to protect the most important asset a business owner has, the business itself. It is their largest asset and it provides the income supporting the family’s lifestyle along with the causes they care about.

In the next ten years more than 10,000,000 businesses will transfer ownership yet more than 90% of business owners do not know the value of their business. It pays to know the value of the business, how to protect it and to start planning for the future.

Doug is a Certified Business Valuation Specialist delivering business valuations with speed and accuracy via an online algorithmic valuation system. He combines this knowledge with his 30 year background in the insurance industry on both the corporate and sales end of the business to deliver low cost valuations and Business Value Protection Planning.

Once a business owner receives their first valuation report they never look at the business the same way again and they understand the importance of protecting it.