Jack Gruber, Capital Gains Strategist

Jack Gruber

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Ja-Mar Analytics
P: 425-365-7160
E: Jack.gruber@ja-maranalytics.com
W: www.ja-maranalytics.com

Jack built Ja-Mar Analytics as a platform to help asset sellers evaluate, match, and select from the dozen-plus, capital gains tax deferral options available to them. Deferral options can be valuable for the sale of commercial real estate, business sales, intellectual property, private (not public) stock sales, water mineral & air rights, or any other asset group, generating capital gains tax obligations.

Before starting Ja-Mar Analytics, Jack spent thirty-two years at Russell Investment Company. He has helped over a thousand financial professionals become better stewards of their clients’ financial wellbeing. Jack created the first retirement and investment education program for the pilots and engineering teams at United Parcel Services (UPS), in Louisville, KY. He also helped in the developed investment programs for banks in Saudi Arabia, and Switzerland.

From 1980 to 1985, Jack helped the brokerage firm of Paine Weber Jackson and Curtis, develop one of the original fee-based programs, designed to reduce excessive trading within an investor’s portfolio.

Before entering the world of investing, Jack was City Manager of Oak Park, IL. There he had the responsibility of all city departments, six hundred employees, and a multi-million-dollar operating budget. He also sat on the restoration board overseeing the preservation of the original Frank Lloyd Wright home and studio. During his tenure as manager, he received an international award for creative and effective management, from the International City Management Association. This was a result of work involving racial integration and a community-wide equity assurance program.

Jack’s military service was in the US Army. He jokes that he marched so poorly that they assigned him a civilian status post. He worked in the White House, providing communications, security, and advance work, for the President and Secret Service. These duties included leading advance teams on both the Moscow, and Peking summit conferences.

Jack holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Oregon and a Master’s degree from the University of Kansas. He has been accepted into a program focusing on Global Economics and Policy, at Oxford University UK. He is a past member of the National Rotary, Kiwanis, and Optimist Organizations.