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Jim Grew

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Defogger & Accelerator
D: 503 544-8857

Jim Grew, executive advisor, works with a select few senior leaders to accelerate their impact. He put his expertise on preparing to sell your company into a book that can help you find your way. It is called The Other Side of Succession.

From the C-suite to the production floor Jim unlocks the hidden potential of your management team and gets results…swiftly.

His latest book is: “The Leader Architect, The Right People, In The Right Places, Doing The Right Stuff, At The Right Time

As a senior executive with profit responsibility for eight private companies and divisions of two separate billion-dollar public firms, Jim developed skills in business strategy and execution that transfer directly to you. His unique mix of business experience and advanced psychology training at Menninger is the catalyst that clarifies a strategy for your company and helps your team cut through the fog to produce dramatic results.

Secrets of how to build a more substantial company, more dedicated employees, and continuing value for the long term is what he brings to the table. Your company performance accelerates to record levels and stays there as Jim helps increase bandwidth and unlocks hidden leadership potential in your staff. That is true whether you are just looking to grow your business or prepare it for sale.

Jim provides the wisdom you need to act now for the rest of the journey:
• Advice to get more profit, fine tune operations, develop a resourceful staff, more free time and a bigger bottom line.
• A friend trained at Menninger that you can talk to about life balance.
• The possibility of exponential personal growth.
• The experience of what lies beyond the “retirement door.”

Call Jim today to help you defog and accelerate your business.