John Lee, Sales Consultant

John Lee

Contact Information

Sales Xceleration
P: 503-998-9968

John generally operates as an Outsourced VP of Sales for small to mid-size companies on a part-time interim basis, helping them achieve aggressive sales and revenue growth by building out all of the tactile components of a Sales organization.

He achieves this in three ways using the time-tested Sales Xceleration platform:

1. Custom Tailored Sales Strategies
2. Integrated Sales Processes, and
3. Proven Tactical Sales Execution

He works with B2B companies that are at a transition or pivot point and are experiencing challenges associated with sales. They exhibit one or more of these attributes—They:

• Lack an effective and proactive sales effort
• Have little or no formal sales processes
• May have stagnant growth or stalled proposals
• Have compensation plans that do not reward the right efforts
• Can’t articulate their Value Proposition
• Have limited pipeline visibility or forecasting ability
• May be growing very quickly but are unable to take the sales structure to the “Next Level”