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Laurie Nichols is a leadership coach and human dynamics expert specializing in succession planning and successor leadership development. Business owners who are serious about preparing themselves and their team for navigating business growth while also preparing for ownership and leadership succession, engage Laurie to “get going and stay going” with a plan that works for all. 

Her work brings focus to maximizing legacy and value at the intersection of succession planning, stakeholder relations, and Next Gen leadership development. She believes professional relationships are priceless business assets, and transparency in internal communication is critical during organizational change. Her strong sense of advocacy, equity, and generosity in spirit combine to bring heart to the process of helping shareholders, successors and their teams negotiate the complexities of internal succession, M&A transactions, and integration.

Laurie created the Triple Win Succession Formula as a “people-first” approach designed to support the creation of a succession plan that ensures all involved are succession ready as people and aligned on mutually rewarding outcomes for all. This means that everyone wins—shareholders, successors, and the clients they serve.

Her innate ability to quickly assess the dynamics at play between individuals and within a professional team environment and provide actionable perspectives is her superpower. At its core, any kind of succession event is all about the psychology of change. Bringing focus to the interpersonal, human dynamics at play during periods of great change, drives alignment around a shared vision of success.

Laurie’s credentials include a unique combination of entrepreneurial leadership, M&A experience, expert coaching, and proprietary strategies. Her people-first approach supports founders/sellers, buyers, and Next Gen professionals to:

  • Assess succession readiness individually and as a team,
  • Bridge communication gaps to manage uncertainty more effectively,
  • Design a plan that works for all ensuring buy-in on essential next steps.