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The Professional 50 is a network of some of the best and brightest business transition professionals in the San Francisco area.  Each of these top tier professionals has been endorsed by others on the list, ensuring that only highly regarded experts are included.



Business Acceleration   
Business Broker   
Business Valuation   
Commercial Banker   
Corporate AttorneyEdward Grenville  
Due Diligence & Analysis   
Estate Planning AttorneyPeter Myers   
Executive CompensationGreg Novotny   
Exit Planning Advisor   
Family Business & Governance   
Family Dispute Consultant   
Family Office   
Investment BankerChris Andersen   
M&A AdvisorChris Andersen   
M&A AttorneyEdward GrenvilleBill Mandel  
New Owner CoachingMichael Beck  
Succession Attorney   
Successor DevelopmentMichael Beck  
Successor RecruitingMichael Beck  
Tax AttorneyGreg Novotny   
Valuation Enhancement   
Wealth AdvisorDylan Malot