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The Professional 50 is a network of some of the best and brightest business transition professionals in the Seattle area.  Each of these top tier professionals has been endorsed by others on the list, ensuring that only highly regarded experts are included.



Business Acceleration Doug Hall
Business Broker Rahsaan Freeman Eric Breidenbach
Business Broker Bill Southwell Dan Stone
Business Financial Consultant Tom Broetje
Business Valuation Allan VanderHamm Doug Marshall
Capital Gains Strategist Jack Gruber
Commercial Banker John Huey Carrie Callaway Cardy
Commercial Banker Lynell Smith
Conflict Resolution Bhaj Townsend
Estate Planning Attorney RoseMary Reed
Executive Compensation Nancy Ellington
Executive Recruiter Suzanne Hanifin Tina Schaaf
Exit Planning Advisor Allan VanderHamm Arnie Hendricks Patrick Corcorran
Family Business & Governance Dori Brewer Tana Materi
Family Dispute Consultant Bhaj Townsend
Family Office Jesse Thomas Billy Gibbs James Bocinsky
Investment Banker John Kaminski Brian Murphy Frank Buhler
Investment Banker Patrick Corcorran Richard Wood Garrett Thomsen
Leadership Development Michael Beck
Life Insurance Jeffrey T. Sleeper
M&A Advisor John Kaminski Brian Murphy Richard Wood
M&A Advisor Patrick Corcorran Pete McDowell Gregory Kovsky
M&A Attorney Dori Brewer Kirsten Koester Reuben Ortega
M&A Attorney Tana Materi Jerry Carleton Dan Hendrickson
M&A Integrator Peter Adams
Retirement Transitions Jennifer Fry
Sales Development Dave Mantel
Succession Attorney Dori Brewer Dan Hendrickson
Successor Development Michael Beck
Successor Recruiting Michael Beck
Turnaround Expert Renee Fellman
Valuation Enhancement Arnie Hendricks John Kaminski Doug Hall
Wealth Advisor Chad Wall Jesse Thomas Scott Hedgcock
Wealth Advisor James Bocinsky Billy Gibbs