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The Professional 50 is a network of some of the best and brightest business transition professionals in the Seattle area.  Each of these top tier professionals has been endorsed by others on the list, ensuring that only highly regarded experts are included.



Business Acceleration Doug Hall Cheri Kuhn 
Business Broker Dan Stone Eric Breidenbach Seth Rudin
Business Transition Lender Addie Roberge
Business Valuation Doug Marshall
Charitable Planning Brian George
Commercial Banker Jennifer Ringenbach
Executive Coaching Michael Beck Laurie Nichols
Executive Compensation Chad Blevins
Exit Planning Advisor Chad Blevins Arnie Hendricks Justin Francisco
Family Business & Governance Tana Materi
Family Office Jesse Thomas James Bocinsky
Franchise Consultant Charlie Magee
HR Outsourcing (P.E.O.) Terry Polyak
Investment Banker Richard Wood
M&A Advisor Richard Wood Chad Blevins
M&A Advisor Don Gerould
M&A Attorney Tana Materi Keil Larsen
Management Buyout Advisor Chad Blevins
Sales Development Anton Brummer
Succession Planning Laurie Nichols
Successor Development Michael Beck Laurie Nichols
Successor Recruiting Michael Beck
Tax Planning Brian George
Team Integration & Enhancement Aaron Schmookler
Turnaround Expert Renee Fellman
Valuation Enhancement Arnie Hendricks Doug Hall
Wealth Advisor Chad Wall James Bocinsky Jesse Thomas
Wealth Advisor Brian George Jon Snare