Rick Pay, Architect of Operations and Supply Chain

Rick Pay

Contact Information

The R. Pay Company, LLC
P: 503-780-2014
E: rickp@rpaycompany.com
W: www.rpaycompany.com

Rick Pay’s clients have dubbed him the “Sherlock Holmes of Operations and Supply Chain Management.” He specializes in super-charging his clients’ operations and supply chain performance. Rick has over 35 years’ experience with operations improvement, World Class Manufacturing and Lean, both as a consultant and as VP, Operations for a manufacturing company.

Rick has published two books, 1 + 1 = 100, Achieving Breakthrough Results Through Partnerships and Moving Into The Express Lane, How To Rapidly Increase the Value Of Your Business. His articles have been published by Industry Week, Supply Chain World, Global Supply Chain and CEO Refresher, among others. Industry publications routinely quote and interview Rick, including Forbes, the National Foundation of Independent Business, Oregon Business and The Electrical Distributor Magazine.