Susan Schalla, Tax Attorney

Susan Schalla

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Carney Badley Spellman
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Susan has extensive experience in mergers & acquisitions on both the buy-side and sell-side, having successfully closed transactions with enterprise value up to $460 million.  She has represented private equity firms in acquiring and selling portfolio companies, and has represented businesses in manufacturing, software, food and beverage, telecommunications, retail, consulting and professional services, and other industries.  Susan counsels business owners through the sale process, weighing the practical risks and benefits of key legal points.  She strives to be both an effective and diplomatic negotiator, protecting her clients’ interests while understanding that, in some major business transactions, the parties may need to maintain an ongoing constructive working relationship. 

After law school, Susan also earned an advanced degree in tax law.  Because many business decisions are either tax-driven or can have tax impacts that directly affect the bottom line, she adds value by advising businesses on the tax issues inherent in choice of entity, equity compensation, and transaction structuring.  While other firms need to staff deals with a business attorney and separate tax attorney, Susan efficiently handles both business and tax issues.

Susan acts as general counsel for family businesses as well as high-growth startups.  She advises entrepreneurs from the earliest stages of company formation, through fundraising efforts, and helps them navigate the business and regulatory environments as their companies scale.  Susan works to keep each of her business clients fundable and acquirable, so they can seize opportunities as they arise. She helps business owners create business succession plans, transition ownership to employees and make other strategic business changes.

In addition to her business practice, Susan has prior experience in estate planning and probate administration, which allows her to spot a variety of issues and provide more holistic legal advice to business owner clients.