Tina Schaaf, Executive Recruiter

Tina Schaaf

Contact Information

P: (206) 650-8897
E: Tina.Schaaf@OneAccord.co
W: www.oneaccord.co

Tina has more than 20 years of experience as a leader in multiple industries around the world. She is known for achieving success and driving growth through sound guidance and expert strategies.

Tina developed and perfected a proprietary hiring process to systematically identify qualified candidates and prove their capabilities through a series of activities that go beyond a simple review of experience. The process starts with proactively reaching out to 100+ potential hires and concludes with 3-5 well-vetted candidates being presented to the hiring manager and interviewed in a single day. A final decision and hiring happens within an average of 70 days — less than half the time of a typical search. And 98.7 percent of these hires remain in their position for more than a year — four times the typical recruiter guarantee.

Tina has developed a focus on executive-level recruiting in operations, finance and sales, and she is industry agnostic.Through the years she has worked with businesses in a wide array of industries, from a cement plant to SaaS/tech, retail, e-commerce, healthcare, products/services, manufacturing and distribution, as well as startups, established small businesses, large enterprises and both public and international companies.