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Victoria Trabosh

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Victoria H. Trabosh, Executive Coach LLC
P: 503-841-6108

Clients often tell Vicky when working on an issue outside of a coaching appointment, “I ask myself, what would Vicky say?” More than anything, keys to successful and sustainable change begin with a client who says, “that’s a great question”; and “that’s right” (always better than “you’re right”).

After 16 years as an executive coach, leadership issues are getting more complicated. Connecting with younger generations of leaders who have different ideas of what work/life balance means to them challenges leaders to look differently at motivating and sustaining teams. Creating success and significance in life are the goals that create great days as leaders.

Coaching CEOs and C Suite leaders, entrepreneurs, and leaders who want to take themselves and their business to the next level doesn’t feel like work to Vicky. All of her clients seek tools and awareness allowing to make better decisions. Keynote speeches center on Leadership, Persistence, Integrity, and Philanthropy. Funny, dynamic, interested in the lives and challenges of others, intelligence, determination, and strength, best describe the skills Vicky brings to all assignments.

Vicky’s extensive work in Rwanda since 2005 has taught her philanthropy changes the life of the giver far more than the lives of those served.

Author of Dead Rita’s Wisdom, and also co-authored the international bestseller, Cancer: From Tragedy to Triumph.