Anton Brummer, Sales Development

Anton Brummer

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P: 425-686-5911

Anton helps business owners build effective sales teams, develop measurable revenue processes, and implement them successfully to achieve their sales performance and growth goals. At times taking up a fractional head of sales role and sitting in the sales leader’s chair.

As a 20-year ex-CEO/Owner, Anton understands the significance of a functioning sales process to a business’s overall worth. He now works with business owners and their leadership teams in transition to create consistency in their revenue generation capabilities, allowing them to scale and add to their overall business valuation.

To Anton, success is creating a culture of empowerment, transparency, and commitment from all the teams he coaches and leads. With a passion for selling, he is very results-driven. He relishes developing and cultivating solid, self-reliant professionals and leaders prepared to achieve targeted and incentive-driven results.

He values the science and methodologies used in high-value complicated sales processes and, with a strong software background, embraces new technology that aids business and customer interaction.