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The Professional 50 is a network of some of the best and brightest business transition professionals in the Portland area.  Each of these top tier professionals has been endorsed by others on the list, ensuring that only highly regarded experts are included.



Business Acceleration Jim Grew
Business Broker Bill Patten Scott Lundt Stephen Cohen
Business Valuation Lee Foster Olivia Kowalski Bill Patten
Charitable and Gifting Alice Tang
Commercial Banker Brad Buchholz Mindy Tran
Commercial Banker Mike Foresee Eric Bergeson John Huey
Conflict Resolution Chris Sheesley
Corporate Attorney Bill Manne Matt Bisturis
Due Diligence Caleb Pilling
ESOP Advisor Nick Braun Olivia Kowalski
Estate Planning Attorney Joshua Husbands Shannon Connelly
Estate Planning Attorney Eden Rose Brown Dean Sandow
Executive Compensation Jim Harvey Alice Tang
Executive Recruiter Suzanne Hanifin
Exit Planning Advisor Don Bielen Dave DeLap Ashley Micciche
Exit Planning Advisor Patrick Corcorran Chris Waetzig Jeff Bird
Family Business & Governance Mark Green
Family Dispute Consultant Kathy Marshack
Insurance Coverage Attorney Seth Row
Insurance Strategist Bruce Davidson
Investment Banker Randy Moe John Kaminski Nick Stanley
Investment Banker Dan Rice Brian Murphy Patrick Corcorran
Leadership Development Michael Beck Victoria Trabosh Jim Grew
Life Insurance Agent Jim Pittman Jeffrey Owens
M&A Advisor Randy Moe Cordell Berge John Kaminski
M&A Advisor Nick Braun Brian Murphy Patrick Corcorran
M&A Attorney Adam Rose Brent Bullock Sherrill Corbett
M&A Integrator Peter Adams
Private Equity Attorney Brent Bullock
Process Improvement Adi Klevit
Sales Consultant John Lee
Succession Attorney Joshua Husbands Heather Kmetz
Succession Attorney Larry Brant Adam Rose
Successor Development Michael Beck
Successor Recruiting Michael Beck
Tax Attorney Larry Brant Heather Kmetz
Transition Tax Accountant Dave DeLap Jason Orme
Transition Strategist Frank Dane
Trust Company Stuart Allen
Turnaround Expert Renee Fellman
Value Enhancement John Kaminski Arnie Hendricks
Wealth Advisor Kathy Calcagno Julie Gulla Alice Tang
Wealth Advisor Sean Gabrio Troy Niehaus Jim Barnyak