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The Professional 50 is a network of some of the best and brightest business transition professionals in the Portland area.  Each of these top tier professionals has been endorsed by others on the list, ensuring that only highly regarded experts are included.



Business BrokerDaniel PattenJoseph Hollcraft
Business ValuationDaniel Patten  
Charitable PlanningBrian George  
Commercial BankerBrad BuchholzMike ForeseeEric Bergeson
Corporate AttorneyMatt Bisturis  
Due DiligenceCaleb PillingAllison LaRocheAnthony Almer
ESOP AdvisorNick Braun  
Estate Planning AttorneyJoshua HusbandsEden Rose BrownKaren Hobson
Executive RecruiterSuzanne Hanifin  
Exit Planning AdvisorDon BielenDave DeLapAshley Micciche
Exit Planning AdvisorPatrick CorcorranChris WaetzigJeff Bird
Exit Planning AttorneyJustin Hobson  
Family OfficeBob Bedritis  
Investment BankerRandy MoeJohn KaminskiBrian Andreosky
Investment BankerNick StanleyPatrick Corcorran 
Leadership DevelopmentMichael Beck  
Life Insurance AgentJim Pittman  
M&A AdvisorRandy MoeJohn KaminskiBrian Andreosky
M&A AdvisorNick BraunPatrick Corcorran 
M&A AttorneyAdam RoseSherrill Corbett 
New Owner CoachingMichael Beck  
Sales ConsultantJohn Lee  
Succession AttorneyJoshua HusbandsAdam Rose 
Successor DevelopmentMichael Beck  
Successor RecruitingMichael Beck  
Tax Deferral ConsultantBrian George  
Transition Tax AccountantDave DeLapJason OrmeAnthony Almer
Transition StrategistFrank Dane  
Turnaround ExpertRenee Fellman  
Value EnhancementJohn KaminskiArnie Hendricks 
Wealth ManagerTroy NiehausBob Bedritis 
Wealth ManagerSean GabrioNick Blankl