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Creative Strategies to Meet All Your Goals

Wanting to pay less in taxes is a fairly common goal, but for your High Net Worth clients, there isn’t a single path or tool set to achieve that goal. 

At Planning Network Partners, we work with you to track your income and gains in relation to the ever-changing tax laws. Working as a team, bringing the full suite of tax planning tools, we work toward creative strategies to help ensure your tax liabilities.

Strategies That Save

Strategies that defer and minimize taxes are never a one-size-fits-all package. You have complicated business and family requirements, and our team takes the time to know you and your goals. By crafting an interdisciplinary strategy, we are able to help:

  • Reduce capital gains taxes from the sale of a home, business or stock
  • Provide a steady flow of tax-free income
  • Use tax structures to legally reduce or defer capital gains taxes
  • Transfer appreciated real estate gains from one property to another
  • Gain more time to re-invest in property after a sale without paying a capital gains tax
  • Retain benefits of real estate ownership (appreciation, depreciation, etc.) while removing the headaches of management issues and while increasing cash flow
  • Reduce or eliminate capital gains tax when downsizing a residence
  • Help preserve ecologically and economically important resource lands while also reducing your tax bill

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