Cheri Kuhn, Business Acceleration

Cheri Kuhn

Contact Information

EOS Coach at EOS Worldwide 
P: 509-421-7662

Cheri Kuhn, a Certified EOS Implementer and Coach for EOS Worldwide, is passionate about working with Visionaries and their leadership teams to help them get everything they want from their business. She does this using a holistic approach with a set of simple, proven, practical tools that help teams get great at three things:

Vision: Getting the leadership team 100% aligned around where this business is going and how you plan to get there.

Traction: Instilling discipline, focus and accountability so that you are executing on every aspect of that vision.

Healthy: Helping leaders work better together as an open and honest, cohesive team.

Once she gets the leadership team on board, Cheri helps them gain Traction throughout the organization. Cheri ‘s work is most beneficial to business owners who are feeling frustrated with people and profit; feeling stuck; and the overwhelm that the business is running them instead of them running the business. Her clients love the accountability, energy and fun she brings to every session.