Jesse Thomas, Wealth Advisor

Jesse Thomas

Contact Information

920 5th Avenue, Suite 415
Seattle, WA 98104
O: 425.455.8193
C: 206.406.0751

Jesse is a CFP® Professional and has more than 10 years of experience in the financial industry helping high net worth individuals and families achieve their financial goals. Over the course of his career, Jesse has developed a focus in helping business owners, and families with multi-generational wealth manage the impact of their wealth and assure that their financial planning strategy meets their goals and values.

As a Director at Pathstone, Jesse provides personalized financial guidance to every individual, family, and institution he serves. Pathstone is an independently-operated, employee- and partner-owned RIA that has created a distinct culture of innovation on the timeless foundation of trust and service traditionally delivered by family offices. Our goal is to deliver the ultimate client experience in an era of constant change.

In serving as a Family Office to its clients, Pathstone seeks to simplify clients’ financial lives by giving them back time and peace of mind through an ability to handle all aspects of their financial needs and beyond. From assisting with investments and cash flow, to complex estate and tax planning, managing clients bills and quarterbacking their team of trusted advisors on their behalf. A client’s needs often extend well beyond finance, and Pathstone assists with lifestyle and concierge planning to include family education and counseling, property management, personal CFO, and concierge services, such as private travel management and evaluating vetted eldercare resources.

Jesse is actively involved in the community as a member of Seattle 4 Rotary, including serving on the Rotary Board of Directors. Jesse is also a Board Member for the Rotary Boys & Girls Club of King County. Jesse lives in Ballard with his wife and toddler-aged son.