Terry Polyák, HR Outsourcing (P.E.O.)

Terry Polyák

Contact Information

P: 425.748.7565
E: terry.polyak@insperity.com
W: www.insperity.com

Terry Polyák is a specially trained and Certified Business Performance Advisor with Insperity. His decades of experience as an entrepreneur, inventor, business owner, and consultant allow him to help solve business challenges, especially regarding Human Capital Management.

Businesses and organizations did not start to manage Benefits, Compliance, Regulations, Payroll, Taxes, Insurance. The business/organization began to serve the market and the community and make an impact. Insperity is a Human Resources Outsourcing Company, and we specifically help small-to-medium size companies from 10 to 5,000 employees run better, grow faster, and make more money.

As a Certified Business Performance Advisor, Terry speaks with open-minded companies, as they typically are ready to investigate some innovative thinking and insights about what is working or not working for others regarding Human Capital Management.

Insperity has been pioneering the HR outsourcing industry since 1986. We provide an unmatched package of HR solutions designed to help minimize HR-related risks and maximize profitability. With 2019 revenues of $4.3 billion, Insperity operates in more than 80 offices across the United States. Insperity has been serving businesses and organizations nationwide since 1986. We are the originators of the P.E.O. (Professional Employer Organization) Human Resources Outsourcing solution.

Insperity has developed through implementing the same business model that we offer our clients today. We are, in effect— our best-case study of how well our solutions work.

Insperity’s unique solution helps S.M.B.’s control costs, minimize risk/liability, maximize productivity, and increase profitability, to attract and retain top talent through Insperity-provided Fortune 500 Benefits.